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        Mechanical equipment and coating equipment classification
        2014/9/19 8:28:27  /  Publish: The Station  /  Pageviews

        Mechanical equipment and coating equipment classification

        According to the type of industry

        1 vehicles, mechanical equipment and coating equipment

        Such as: clean the painting room, clean paint room, automobile coating line, automatic spray paint, electrophoresis coating line

        2 mobile phone shell, electrical appliance shell coating equipment

        Such as: UV automatic spraying line, electrostatic painting line

        3 wooden furniture, handicrafts, floor, wall coating equipment such as: primer sanding machine, roll machine, automatic painting line, electrostatic painting line, NC paint roller coating line, UV paint roller coating line, positive pressure clean room, clean paint room, water curtain spray painted Taiwan, suspension, dust, dust removal of belt grinding bench machine, showering machine conveyor line etc.

        4, steel furniture, iron handicrafts coating equipment such as: pre-treatment equipment, electrostatic painting line, etc.

        5, general finishing equipment industry: line painting machine, wooden plate type reciprocating spray machines, five axis shaft linear interpolation movement painting machine, four axis, six axis spraying robot, according to the processing function.