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        The use of coating equipment in the industry wide degree
        2014/9/19 8:28:39  /  Publish: The Station  /  Pageviews

        A brief description of the mechanical equipment and coating equipment briefly explains:

        Painting refers to metal, plastic, wood on the product and other materials processed, surrounded by a cover layer appearance or decorative layer, with the growth of industrial skills, skills and configuration of painting in China growth experienced by the hand to the configuration to the growth process, the automatic production line of coating process as usual: pretreatment of punishment polishing, painting, and leveling, the drying or curing and three wastes treatment and punishment. Coating configuration is complete these coating process using configuration.

        Really began to introduce industrial coating configuration in the 50's when the Soviet Union skills. From the beginning of the 60's, because of the growth of light industry, first in the bicycle manufacturing industry appeared automation production line, industrial coating in our country in this important task periods were therefore anticorrosion mainly. But as China's economic growth, and the growth of foreign painting skills, through the introduction and foreign exchange skills and skills, Chinese painting skills began to rapid growth, in the automatic coating production, electrostatic spray coating and electrophoretic painting skill to push

        Research and popularization of wide application, powder spraying skills, especially household electrical appliance industry, daily hardware, steel furniture, aluminum components, vigorous growth of electrical products, such as the automobile industry category, so coating configuration has made obvious progress and rapid growth.