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        Coating equipment manufacturers to let you know the difference between a lot of painting
        2014/9/19 8:32:02  /  Publish: The Station  /  Pageviews

        Coating equipment manufacturers: since the coating equipment is a new coating technology in recent years in the electrophoretic paint coating based on the development, the main difference between the two is self swimming without electricity, the use of chemical elements of coatings produce potential difference coating on the surface of the workpiece, and the electrophoretic paint coating is a potential difference is generated in the energized condition the film, on the workpiece.

        From the theory, autodeposition electric energy saving, better than the electrophoretic paint coating, but in recent years, marketing, USA BBG company, Japanese Kansai company in autodeposition process to promote the market is not much, are in the experimental stage, and electrophoresis in China, times and widely, is a very mature technology automobile coating, above 90% using electrophoretic coating process.
        Electrophoretic paint coating has the following characteristics:

        (1) the coating process is easy to realize mechanization and automation, not only reduces the labor intensity, but also greatly improve labor productivity. According to the statistics of an automobile factory, auto primer from the original impregnation changed electrophoretic coating, its work efficiency is improved by 45%.

        (2) electrophoresis paint coating due to deposition uniformity in the electric field, so suitable for complex shapes, the workpiece is the edge, cavity, such as welding parts, and can be adjusted to pass power, to a certain extent, control of film thickness. For example, in the positioning welding front slit, inner and outer surface of the box body can be obtained a relatively uniform film, corrosion resistance is also improved obviously.

        (3) the uncharged polymer particles in the electric field oriented deposition, and water resistance of the electrophoretic coating film is very good, the adhesion of the film than the other methods of strong.

        (4) electrophoresis paint coating is used to paint liquid concentration is low, low viscosity, the impregnation adheres to the coated workpiece, so with a loss less lacquer. Paint can be fully utilized, especially the application of ultrafiltration after electrophoretic coating, paint utilization rate above 95%.

        (5) electrophoresis paint using distilled water as the solvent, thus saving a large amount of organic solvent, and the absence of solvent poisoning and inflammable dangerous, paint mist cleared fundamentally, improve the working conditions of workers and environmental pollution.

        (6) to improve the smoothness of the film, reducing the grinding time, reduce cost.
        Coating equipment manufacturers, let you know a lot of different coating equipment.